Lanchester is separated from Burnhope by a very steep bank but also by centuries of history. Lanchester was originally built on the Roman Road Dere Street which connected York and Hadrian’s Wall. A Roman Fort called Longovicium was built there around 150 AD.

As an old village Lanchester was the historical records centre for the area and for the many pit villages which sprung up around it.

Lanchester is also home to an impressive and very old parish church. All Saints Parish Church was founded in the 12th Century and many features remain from this time. During the medieval and pre-industrial revolution Lanchester was an important ecclesiatical centre following the creation of a deanery and college of canons in 1284.

After the Industrial Revolution one of the most important building in the village was the workhouse, which was opened in 1839. This is the place where my Great Great Great Grandmother died in 1914. The development in the village had been spurred by the building of the road from Witton Gilbert to Shotley Bridge via Lanchester was built in 1810. An even greater spur was the opening of the railway line to Consett in 1862 with a station in Lanchester.



Lanchester Parish Council


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